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Sasuga JP300 Class 


Let's finish the first textbook, "Japanese for Busy People"



This class is offered only when ACE cancels the Japanese300 class. ACE cancels its classes if it doesn't meet a minimum number of enrollments. However, we know there are a few students who wish to continue to take Japanese300 and we want to provide that for them.

This class is only offered for those who took Japanese200 at ACE and wish to learn more. For that reason, we will match the tuition with ACE or less.


In this class, we will finish the ACE textbook "Japanese for busy people1."
You will be ready for Pre-Intermediate class after taking this class.


いっしょに 日本語を 勉強しましょう! ( Let’s study Japanese with us! )



Spring Term in 2019

105 minutes 10 Lessons
Meeting Tuesdays starting on May 28th
Location: Tysons, McLean area TBA

Text Book

Japanese for Busy People 1 Kana version


$350.00     + $25 registration fee
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