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Welcome to Sasuga Academy!

いっしょに にほんご を べんきょう しませんか?

Are You Looking for Japanese Classes? 
Join Us Today! 
・Please contact us either in English or Japanese.    

 * We replay within 3 business days. If you do not receive email form us, please check your junk box. 

・Our teachers are all Japanese native speakers who are experienced teaching English speakers. 

・We teach many different levels. 

​・We offer online classes at this time. 


Students' Voices  2021 / 生徒・保護者の声

We Would Love To Share Students' Happy Voices
With Our Experienced Teachers ! 

「 日本語のやる気を引き出してくれる素晴らしい先生と出会うことができ、さすがアカデミーのプライベートレッスンを始めてから子供の日本語力が、めざましく伸びました。」




E . K さん ( Parent )  

Kids Private Lesson キッズプライベートレッスン 

評価 Excellent ★★★★★ 

January  2021

My teacher does a fantastic job of teaching me. I have studied Japanese for over 30 years. She is the best teacher I have ever had.

S. C.  ( Student )  

Online Private Lesson 

Rating: 5 Excellent ★★★★★

January  2021  

I am happy to recommend the Sasuga Japanese Academy to prospective students!  Our teacher adapted quickly to the unique challenges of language study during a global pandemic. With her high degree of knowledge and professional skill, she has transitioned to teaching over Zoom. With patience and humor, she employs textbook, video, email and office hours to support our study. Language, history and Japanese culture are incorporated in our lessons. The small class size allows for both individual advancement and collegial camaraderie. I look forward to the time when we can again enjoy outings such as the wonderful sake tasting event or friendly dinner at a Japanese restaurant. 


Ichigo ( Student )

Pre- Intermediate Group lesson Class

Rating: 5  Excellent ★★★★★

February 2021


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will temporarily suspend all our lessons held at libraries until they reopen. Adult students may choose an online lesson with their teacher's consent.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Winter- Spring  2023
Course  Schedule is
Coming Soon !
Girl with Leather Backpack

Registration is available now! 


Beginner 1  Online Class:  New!!! 

Starting: February 27, 2023
Monday at 5:30pm EST
8 weeks, 60 minutes.
: Zoom
Textbook: " Genki 1". ISBN978-4-7890- 1140-3, recommended 
Minimum number of students for our group lessons is 4.

Pre- Intermediate 1  Online Class:   NEW! 

Starting:  January 25th, 2023
Wednesday at 5:30 pm EST
15 weeks, 60 minutes.
App: Zoom 
Textbook: " Genki 1" ISBN-13: 978-4789017305
Minimum number of students for our group lessons is 4.

High Intermediate 1  Online Class:  New!  

Starting: January 17th, 2023
Tuesday at 7pm EST
10 weeks, 90 minutes.
: Zoom 
Textbook: " Genki 2 ". ISBN:978-4-7890-1443-4
Minimum number of students for our group lessons is 4.

Parent and Child -Special Semi-Private Course ! 
     Beginner Level  :  

Is your child interested in speaking Japanese?
Enjoy your time with your child while learning Japanese! 

Registration is available at any time!
10 weeks, 60 minutes each. 
App: Zoom

Textbook: Recommended, " Genki 1". ISBN978-4-7890-1440-3

High Intermediate 6  Online Class:  NEW!!! 

Starting:  January 27, 2023
Friday at 10:30am EST
12 weeks, 90 minutes.
App: Zoom
Textbook: An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese, ISBN978-4-7890-1307-9

Beginner 4  Online Class:  New!!! 

Starting: March,7, 2023
Tuesday at 5:30pm EST
8 weeks, 60 minutes.
App: Zoom
Textbook: " Genki 1". ISBN978-4-7890-1140-3,

Minimum number of students for our group lessons is 4.

Private Lessons :
Private lessons are also available online.
We offer lessons through FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Please contact us for availability and details of the courses.

Our Classes


We keep our classes in small sizes, a maximum of 4 -9 students ( minimum and maximum number of students  varies depending on classes ). Each student will have more participation time and receive more attention from the instructor.

We believe that class sizes matter!

Pink Blossom

What does SASUGA mean? 

If you were to look up the word sasuga in the dictionary, it would say "That's great!" Sasuga in Japanese has more than that in its nuance. It is close to the English phrase, "It's so you!" or "No one does it like you!" When a Japanese person praises another person, "Sasuga!" is often said, and when it is written, often followed by an exclamation point (!)

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