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Japanese Group Lessons for Teen Beginners

Summer Intensive Course for Teens Is Back!

Are you ready to explore the Japanese language with new friends?   Come and join us!  
The Beginner for Teens Classes starts Monday, July 1, at 11AM
This online group classes are designed for young teens, 12 - 14 years of age. 
This is an intensive course. Eight 60 minutes / each lesson, the class meets three times a week. The total lesson hour of the course is 480 minutes.  


Sasuga Japanese Academy’s Beginner Class for Teens is designed for young teens between 12-14 years old. (Children 15 years old and older are also able to take regular adult classes at Sasuga Japanese Academy). 

This class is for students who have no previous experience with the Japanese language. Students will begin to learn all the Hiragana letters (Katakana letters will be introduced at the next level of course), greetings, numbers, simple expressions. Students will be introduced to some basic verbs, adjectives. 

The Beginner Class for Teens consists of eight 60 minutes lessons. The class meets online Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 11 AM. The class uses the Google meet App. 

​Our small class size - minimum 4 to maximum 8 students - allows students to have many opportunities to speak in class. As the students sometimes talk to each other, all students are required to turn on their cameras.

Once the class size reaches the minimum number of 4, we will begin the lessons. 
1st Term 

Teens' Beginner Class: 


Begins Monday, July 1. 2024

Start at 11 AM EST.   

Monday and Wednesday, and Friday

8 Lessons, 60minutes each

2nd Term 

Teens' Beginner Class: 


Text Book - Recommended 

Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese 1 by Eri Banno

3rd edition ISBN978-4-7890-1730-5 

Having the textbook is not obligated.

We recommend that students have the textbook. 

We do not distribute/sell books.


$270 + $25 registration fee

Please read General Info page before registration.

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