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Pre-Intermediate Class (3 levels)


Transitioning into intermediate & JLPT N5 Prep class

Let’s refresh your Japanese skills at the beginning level to prepare for the

Intermediate level and JLPT N5  in our friendly class!



Are you ready to move beyond the beginner's level of Japanese? If you are not comfortable enough, or you need to refresh your Japanese, this is a perfect class for you to consider taking!

Sasuga Japanese Academy’s pre-intermediate class is great for those who have already studied beginner's level of Japanese for 40-60 hours in a class or an equivalent.  Students are required to know how to read Hiragana and Katakana comfortably.

At this level, you have already learned Japanese as a survival language, and you are standing right in front of the door of a fun world of verbal communication in Japanese. However, as you know,  you still need to know more expressions and vocabulary and of course, grammar!

Sasuga Japanese Academy recommends students integrate the whole beginning level before stepping into the intermediate class which is a more complex level.  In the pre-intermediate class, we will assist you to acquire new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions while refreshing your previous language skills from the beginner's classes.

Our small class - maximum of 7 -  allows students to speak more in the classroom. Students will create sentences in Japanese and be encouraged to speak in a fun and nurturing class environment. This process will allow you to build your Japanese basic skills then transition smoothly to the intermediate 1 class.

The class is also ideal to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5.

いっしょに 日本語を 勉強しましょう! ( Let’s study Japanese with us! )


Sasuga pre-intermediate class will cover:

  • The introduction of Kanji.

  • 4 basic forms of Japanese verbs and their conjugation.

  • Expressions using the 4 basic forms of verbs.

  • Adjectives and their conjugation.

  • Present perfect tense and relative clauses

  • New expressions and vocabulary.

  • Customs and culture.


Pre-Intermediate 1 Online Class: 


Starting:  June 13, 2024, Thursday, at 7:30 PM

10 weeks, 90 minutes.
App: Zoom
Textbook: Genki1- Third Edition, ISBN-13: 978-4789017305

Pre-Intermediate 2 Online Class: 


Starting:  Fall 2024 

10 weeks, 90 minutes.
App: Zoom
Textbook: Genki1- Third Edition, ISBN-13: 978-4789017305
Text Book

GENKI I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese by Eri Banno

ISBN-13: 978-4789014403

Please purchase your textbook prior to the first class.
We do not distribute/sell books.

Online Class Tuition

$340.00     + $25 registration fee

!!! Please state your registering class either Pre-Intermediate 1 or Pre-Intermediate 3 in the COMMENTS section at the bottom of the registration form.

Please read General Info page before registration.

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