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The teachers at the local Japanese language classes for working adults have often been asked the same questions from their students: "Where can I take the next level class after this beginner's course?" It was painful to tell these thriving students, "I'm sorry but you would have to travel all the way to DC." Another common request from these students is a place where they can meet Japanese people and practice their acquired language skills.


We realized that the interest in advanced classes with more communication practices were, and still are, popular. With these enthusiastic requests from our students, we have finally decided to start our own upper level classes! 

After many months of preparation, we are happy to kickoff our pilot program this Fall. We are very excited to open our own school and to share the experience with many striving students!

Our Future

We are hoping to add various classes in the future. While regular language classes are definitely a must for building a solid language skill, we also hope to provide cultural experience to our students in both Japanese and English. We have lots of ideas for upcoming classes such as JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) preparation class, Shodo calligraphy class, Kanji class and so on.

We are aiming to be the place where not only we provide the information but also let students share their experiences about Japan and its language with others. 

Our Teachers  

Our teachers are passionate and experienced native Japanese speakers who currently teach beginner's classes in Fairfax area. All teachers are very friendly, reliable people who would love to meet and help new students.

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