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Our Classes

Pre-Intermediate  1,2 & 3
90 minutes 12 lessons  
This class is designed for the students who have studied Beginning level of Japanese including writing HIRAGANA and KATAKANA.
The lessons will be focused in enriching the knowledge obtained in the Beginning level: grammar: conversation, listening comprehension, reading, writing, and vocabulary.  The class assists in a smooth transition into Intermediate 1.  GENKI Volume 1 will be used.


Tuition: $340

Intermediate 1, 2 ,3 & 4
90 minutes 12 lessons 
The Intermediate Class is divided into 3 different levels.  The Intermediate 1 class is designed for students who have already achieved their basic proficiency (60 hours or more of in-class instruction). The suggested bench mark is : Understand and comfortably use 4 basic forms of verbs and conjugations, experienced 600-1000 vocabularies and 100 kanji characters approx.  In this level, students should be comfortable attending classes which are mostly conducted in plain Japanese. After these intermediate courses, students will be ready for an advanced level.  This class will use Genki Volume 2. 

Tuition: $360

12 Lessons 
Sasuga Kids is designed for children to enrich their Japanese language experience through reading, writing, singing, and many more activities. The class is open for children in all levels. Although children will be taught reading and writing in small groups according to their levels, they will do many activities together! The class will always be managed by 2 or more teachers. 
Tuition: $360
Private / Small Group Lessons 
Private and small group lessons are probably the best option for people who wants to learn at your own pace. In small group lesson, especially one-on-one lessons can tailor to answer students specific needs flexibly. The instructor can visit your place, work place, library or cafe nearby. Please click below for more information.

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