Online Beginner  Class (4 levels)

Are you ready to explore the Japanese language? Let's begin!

Sasuga Japanese Academy’s Beginner Class consists of 4 levels.

Beginner 1 Class is for students who have no previous experience with the language. The main goal of this class is to learn all Hiragana letters, greeting phrases, simple sentences, and numbers. No textbook is required.

Beginner 2 Class is the continuation of the Beginner 1 Class. The textbook, Genki1 is required. The Class will cover Lessons 3 and 4 of this textbook which introduces verbs and their conjugations. Students will also learn Katakana letters.

Beginner 3 Class is the most advanced level of Sasuga Academy's Beginner Class. Easy Kanji letters will be introduced. The Class will cover Lessons 5 and 6 of the textbook where adjectives are introduced.


Beginner 4 Class is designed to integrate Sasuga Academy's Beginner level classes. Easy Kanji letters will be introduced. After Beginner 4 class, students will be ready to move next level - Pre Intermediate 1 Class.

In addition to the grammar study above, some useful phrases for your trip to Japan will also be introduced.


After your completion of Beginner Class, you will move on to Pre-Intermediate 1 Class. You will continue to learn materials in the textbook, Genki 1.

All Beginner Classes 1 through 3 is 6 weeks course of 90 minutes each. 

Our small class - 4 to 8 students - allows students to speak plenty in class. Students sometimes talk to each other. For that reason, all students are required to turn on their cameras.


Beginner 1 Online Class:

Tuesday at 5:30 PM EST.    Begins Tuesday, May 3rd. 2022. 

8 weeks, 60 minutes/ lesson.
App: Zoom 
Textbook: recommended 
( "Genki 1". Either 2nd edition or 3rd edition is fine ISBN: 978-47890-144



Text Book required for Beginner 2, 3 and 4.

Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese 1 by Eri Banno

ISBN: 978-47890-14403

Please purchase your textbook prior to the first class.
We do not distribute/sell books.



$180.00 + $15 registration fee

Please read General Info page before registration.