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"I am a lightweight."

When the Japanese heard someone said "I'm a lightweight," they assume you are a boxer or a skinny person.

When you can't drink much, you can say




Literally translation is "I'm weak for Sake."
んです form is commonly used here because you use this phrase when you are explaining why you are not drinking.

So, what would you say for the opposite person? In English, you can't say "I'm a heavyweight." But in Japanese, you can use the opposite word. Opposite word of 弱い is 強い(つよい)means strong.

Therefore, if you can drink a lot, you would say
「お酒に強いです。」"I drink a lot."

Japanese Liquer
Wine Toasting

There is a word for a person who can't drink.



​「私は下戸です。」means "I don't drink."

  • 私お酒に弱くて。あまり飲めないの。

        I'm a lightweight. I can't drink much.

  • お酒はあまり飲めないし、すぐに酔っ払っちゃう。

    ​I can't drink much. I get drunk easily.

  • ボトル一本開けちゃったの? お酒に強いんだね。

    Did you drink up a bottle? You can drink a lot!

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