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Gray or White? Pepper or Sesame?

So, what is this hair color would you call? Gray-hair?

Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

The Japanese call it "white hair" = 白髪(しらが)

Please don't call it 'はいいろがみ’. There is no such word.


How about this?  Salt and Pepper?

Well, although pepper was there since the 8th century, it hadn't been a popular seasoning until the Japanese started eating beef about 150 years ago. So what the Japanese call it?

"Salt and Sesame"!
In this case, the black sesame.


It's interesting how different languages call the same thing with their popular seasoning. I'm curious how other languages call it.

  • 75歳の母の髪はごましおです。

        My 75 years old mother has salt and pepper hair.

  • きれいな銀髪(ぎんぱつ)になりたいなあ。ごましおはいやだな。

    ​I wish I can have beautiful silver hair. I don't like salt and pepper.

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