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Kiki-Zake-Kai: Tasting Japanese Rice Wine


Mariage of Sake and Food​

Sasuga Academy is throwing a Kikizake, the sake tasting event this summer. The purpose of this event is neither to make your stomach full with food nor to get drunk. This is not a Japanese crazy “ NOMI-KAI “. This will be an introduction for finding your favorite Sake and the combination of best matching food.

In the Event, we will taste 4 kinds of Japanese sake with different aroma and flavor, e.g. dry, sweet, fruity, rich, fresh etc. A tiny dish so called "otooshi" comes with each sake so that you can taste the sake and food combination- beautiful “ Mariage” of Japanese sake and food.

Let’s discover new sensation!


  • Date and Hour : Tuesday, August 20th, 5:30PM - 6:30PM

  • Participants : 10 to 15 Max   Reservation needed.

  • Fee : $29 ( Sake tasting and food are included. Please see below)

  • Food : 4 tiny appetizer dishes for tasting with Sake.

  • Drink : 4 kinds of Japanese Sake.

  • Place : Restaurant HANABI - right next to the Clarendon metro station.

    3024 Wilson Blvd Arlington VA 22201

Japanese Liquer

Hanabi is a Ramen restaurant in Clarendon, Arlington, but its menu is not limited to its signature “ Tonkotsu Ramen “ and various Ramens. Hanabi has also other delicious IZAKAYA menu !

For this fun event the owner who is also Japanese kindly accepted to collaborate with Sasuga Japanese Academy.

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