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JLPT Intensive Course for N1- N2 Level

Are you becoming an international expert using your Japanese language Skill? Does your job require you to take language skill test or are you planning to take the N1-N2 level Japanese Language Proficiency Test?  If you are preparing above N3 Level, this is an ideal course for your success! 

The Sasuga Intensive HIGH-LEVEL JLPT course is ideal for someone who is taking the higher level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test ( JLPT). Our instructors who are specialized in the preparation for exams support you with your success! 

Why The Sasuga Intensive HIGH-LEVEL JLPT course?

  • Our Japanese teachers have proven their abilities to teach Japanese by having many students pass high-level JLPT exams.  

  • Our teachers’ strength is having knowledge of special terms in international relations including politics, economics, and culture in depth.

  •  We highly recommend taking this course for those who work or plan to join in the field of business, governmental agencies, and international companies.

  • Support you to pass JLPT N1 and N2 level in average of 3 months intensive course. 

About our teaches - JLPT Course Specialists: 

Let us introduce one of our excellent instructors. Ms. Kouno is one of our privileged instructors. She was born in Tokyo and came to the US for studying at a US college. Ms. Kouno was a young girl who loved Beatles music and dreamed about living in UK. Her passion toward rock music drove her enthusiasm for studying English during her school days in Japan. She started her carrier as Japanese language instructor at well-known international company after college. Later she joined governmental entity and started to work as language coach, interpreter, and became a staff member. She worked for international relationship organization for decades. 

We provide a 20-minute free online consultation session before you sign up for the course.  

Materials used in the course will be chosen after the consultation. If you are planning to take JLPT N4 and N5 levels. We recommend taking our group lessons first.  




 Intensive High Level JLPT ( N1, N2) Online Private Lessons:


  3-month course


  Twelve 60-minutes lessons, 720 minutes in total 

  Lesson example: 

  Once a week, evening lesson via Zoom 7- 8 pm during the weekdays 

  Please contact at for more information. 
Text Book
For example: 
Shin Kanzen Master JLPT N1 Japanese Study Textbook

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-4883195718

Please purchase your textbook prior to the first class.
We do not distribute/sell books.



$2.160 (+ $25 registration fee)


Please read General Info page before registration.

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