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Fuller House in Japan

The new episodes of Fuller House season3 released on this Christmas. I have been waiting for this day to come for long and I was very excited to watch. Everything got set up on TV, sitting cozy in my couch, then I pressed the button. With familiar music started to play, I saw the Japanese letters on the screen and I realized that the familiar song was singing in Japanese. I was immediately paused it and started to look through the settings. I thought my Netflix was accidentally changed its settings into Japanese Language. I actually tried to set it back to English until I noticed that it is in English. This happens only for episode10 because it takes place there. You can see them visiting at Shibuya crossings, Harajuku, Sanrio "Hello Kitty" Land and more in the episode. If you are curious how that song "Whatever happened to predicability, milkman and paperboy, evening TV....♪" goes in Japanese, see this youtube link.

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